Mar. 16th, 2007

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Cross posted from my Blogspot blog, but I figured you'd want to read it here too, because it mentions some cool people here.

I read some really great posts today. I love it when reading blogs makes me laugh out loud.

First, I was greeted by a comment from Mist1 regarding the post below this one. She always makes me laugh. I read one of her posts to my mom on the phone one day and an amazing thing happened. My mom actually stopped talking long enough to listen to what I was saying. Then she started talking again, but she did say that Mist1 should have a newspaper column or something, a la Dave Barry. I think my mom should spend more time reading cool blogs instead of the newspaper.

Mr. Fabulous has this post and this post in which he answers a lot of mysteries of the universe. Once I stopped laughing I realized that I had a huge smile on my face because of this newfound knowledge. Thanks for setting the record straight, Mr. Fabulous.

PARLANCHEQ is always finding bizarre stuff online and posting it on her blog. Today I was greeted with jewelry made out of dismembered Barbie dolls. It was so unique that I was able to put away the fact that the concept is revolting. And of course I thought of some of my friends, like Crowjoy, who loves unique artsy stuff and sometimes uses a headless Barbie doll as her avatar, and Dr. Hula, who recently told me that she wants to have a kid just so she can have a Vegas Showgirl themed baby shower. The Barbie chest necklace that PARLANCHEQ featured in her post, with pasties on every dismembered torso, made me think of Dr. Hula. And of course, I smiled because I always smile when I think of cool friends.

Now on to Memoirs of a Gouda. Allie, all I can say is you will soon be owing me a new keyboard. I love your blog, but it forces me to spew whatever I happen to be eating or drinking from my nose directly onto that invaluable piece of hardware that I use to input text directly into my blog.

I have many more wonderful blogging and RL friends whose blogs I look forward to reading daily, and they are all listed in my sidebar. Today, the humor stuck out and really made my day. Thanks to everyone in the blogosphere who makes reading and writing blogs so enjoyable.


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