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New Car

Oct. 26th, 2006 09:05 pm
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I'm getting a new car after some asshole doing donuts in an intersection totaled mine. It's a great deal, only costing about half what the old one did. Only caveat: it's at my dad's dealership in NH. Boo hoo, I have to go to NH and say hi to the family I miss so much to get it. Yeah, I'm upset - NOT. I like the spontinaety of this trip. And I get to drive cross country again, which I love. I love road trips. I'd love it a lot more were I not in a hurry to get back here, since duty calls.

I'll be taking I-40 from Raleigh to Kingman, AZ so if anyone lives along the way and wants to put me up for a night of fun, let me know.
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Oh yeah, because I'm always posting on my other blog.

So, for those who don't want to take the time to read all the posts over there, here's a quick recap:

Looking for new job.  No longer at old job.
Car accident, broken hand, car totalled.

That's the gist of it at the moment.  I'll try to post more than once a month here, but I don't want to be redundant either.  I mostly stop by to visit my friends.
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Well my stealth job hunting has not been in vain.   My boss and I decided that I can't go any further here (something I had decided some time ago) and I turned in my resignation.  So the job hunt has been kicked up to full speed, and I'm hoping I get something soon because I want to be done here.  You know how it is, when you've made up your mind to do something, you just want it done already?  That's how I feel.  So, if anyone knows anyone in the Las Vegas area looking for a great admin, send'em my way. 
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My nephew Bubba has a special skill.  Unlike the ordinary fart sounds with his hand in his armpit, Bubba can do it with an regular old drinking straw.  Ok, a bendy straw.  He puts the top part of the straw in his armpit, bends it at the bendy part so it reaches his mouth, and blows.  Realistic fart noises come out.  Very impressive.  That boy's gonna go far in life with skills like that.
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There, I said it.  For the first time ever, actually.  Been living far far away for over 3 years, and just got back from a visit.  For the first time I didn't sit there counting the days till I come back here.  Now, of course I don't want to go HOME home, the same area I'm from.  I still need distance, my own turf so to speak.  So a couple hours away would be nice, but I want to be back there.

Mom, if you ever read this please don't get your hopes up or start pressuring me.  If I do come back I want it to be because it's MY decision, not because of any pressure, and if I do feel any pressure to move back I won't do it. 
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My sister called - it's a girl.  And apparently she's a little exhibitionist.  She stretched out and did a few poses when the ultrasound tech was doing their thing.  Great, just what we need, another kid with my sister's personality.

Baby Names

Jul. 26th, 2006 06:52 pm
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My sister and I were discussing baby names this evening.  She's finding out the sex of the baby tomorrow, and she's pretty sure it's a boy.  She has pretty much no maternal instincts otherwise, but with the last 2 she knew the sex early on (I think she knew what Messy J was from the moment of conception).  My sister's boyfriend wants to name the kid Zero Damien.  I think he should have his own name legally changed to that.  Sis and I were going through a bunch of names and he didn't like any of them, but we pretty much settled on Jackson Richard.  Richard is our dad's name and she wants to get that in.  We didn't even discuss girl's names because Sis is so sure she's having a boy, and she definitely doesn't want a name that's gonna make the kid ask, "Mom, what the heck were you smoking when you named me?"  We'll see how this goes.  She's due around Christmas, so it looks like I'm getting a nephew for Christmas, and hopefully one with a decent name that doesn't kill all his chances for success before he even learns to suck his thumb. 
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My mom took Bubba down the shore this past weekend.  They made a stop at Uncle N Period's house before heading down to my cousin's house (she lives a lot closer to the shore).  So, I decided to put in a phone call to Uncle N Period.  They don't have caller ID so it's great, I can still prank call them.  But I'm no good at that sort of thing, so I usually just put on my little girl voice and ask for my mommy.  I got to talk to Uncle N Period and Aunt Bird for a few.  Uncle N. told me that my nephew, Bubba, was soaked with sweat when they arrived because my mom refuses to use the air conditioning.  I talked with Bubba and left him with a plan next time Amma decides to sweat him out like that.  Next time I talk to him I'll have to ask him how the farting worked.

When I go back east to visit the fam in a few weeks, Uncle N. and Aunt Bird will be coming up to visit me.  Just me!  The whole purpose of their trip is to spend some time with me.  I feel so special!  They'll be leaving before my sister whirls into town, which makes me feel even more special.  When I lived back east, I used to spend my vacations at their house in NJ.  I love spending time with them, so this will be fun - assuming I'm awake.   I take a red-eye flight into Boston, so hopefully I'll get a few hours sleep before a full day re-acquainting myself with my old stomping grounds.  I'll have to be sure to bring some good concealer with me to cover up the major luggage I'll be carrying under my eyes and make it look like I actually want to spend time with them.

Maybe after my sister arrives I can tempt her tired, bitchy, pregnant ass with some sisterly bonding and a trip to the mall to birthday shop for her kids.  Yeah, we'll see how that one goes and see if we are both alive by the end of the day.
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Ok, why is it that I'm most interested in blogging and reading blogs when I'm at work and have other stuff to do?  And why the heck can't I get on Yahoo Instant Messenger or MySpace right now?  Argh!

Time Flies

Jul. 19th, 2006 10:13 am
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It seems that the days are flying by this week.  Ok, maybe not the days - it is only Wednesday, after all.  But the hours.  The work day is going by so fast.  I usually eat lunch around 12 or 12:15, but this week it will be nearly 1 before I realize that I haven't eaten yet.  That's ok though - I like when time goes by fast.  I hate being here all day and realizing it's only 10am.

Here's hoping the weekend gets here fast - I'm tired and I really need to sleep in!
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It's Friday!  Yay!  I'm alive, with access to my home, but alas, there was no hot water AGAIN this morning.  I'm gonna start keeping track.  When I was getting to know my neighbor the other night, he told me that before this current management company took over (which was right before I signed my lease) they never had hot water problems.  Now all of a sudden this new company can't keep the hot water going for more than a few days.  Perhaps that gym membership will come in handy - they have showers there with hot water.  I just wish I had some warning so I could get up early enough to mess up my morning routine by showering at the gym and still be at work on time.

Today we are closing the office early for our company picnic.  Mad Scientist is hosting it at his house, so there will be swimming, hot tubbing, and wonderful BBQ from a local restaurant.  And I'll get to sleep at my own house tonite, since the lock has been trouble free since I got a new one.  

Tomorrow is supposed to be a scorcher - temps in excess of 110 are predicted.  I have no plans to go anywhere.  I just want to finish putting up pictures and empty that last box I have sitting in my living room (or is it bedroom? In a studio apartment, room boundaries are blurred).  I think what I'll do is empty it tonite, gather the last of my plastic storage boxes together so I can bring them to my storage unit in the morning, before it gets too hot out.  I hate to do that kind of stuff in the middle of the day.  I also have a bunch of computer related tasks I want to do (on my home computer, of course!) and other little cleaning/organizing things I tend to be a master procrastinator about.

Then of course Sunday I'm back at the store and the week starts all over again.  I hope next week is better than this one was.
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Well I'm finally home, as you can see.  For some reason management was acting like the whole thing was no big deal.  Maybe not to them, but I was stuck, locked out of my home, without any way to even have access to money.  No ID, no money, no food, but luckily I have a great boss in Mad Scientist, so at least I had somewhere to stay.

Now that I have money I bought some serious comfort food.  I mean, it's the first time since last night that I can have something of my choosing.  I spent the day foraging for food in my desk drawer, and anyone who knows about office cuisine knows that desk drawer food is total crap, totally devoid of any nutritional value and totally lacking any ability to satisfy a ravenous appetite, which I definitely have after the kind of week I've been having.  Now I have Ben and Jerry to feed me.

I'm gonna eat now, and enjoy the inside of my apartment.
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Well I got the stupid laundry done.  Couldn't get it put away though.  Nope.  Not me.  My fucking lock is broken, which means that when I turn the key nothing happens.  And the shitty apartment management doesn't provide lockout service.  Calls to locksmiths (thanks to my neighbor, since my phone is locked in my apartment) were futile since none promised they could even make it out there because they were busy.  So I ended up calling Mad Scientist and sleeping over his house.  At least I had clean underwear with me, if nothing else.

I'm at work now, since I have food in my desk and nothing else to do and nowhere else to go.  They promised they'd replace the damn lock today but they have 2 air conditioners and a water leak ahead of me.  My a/c is on and I didn't leave the water running either.  Hopefully the water is hot, because it wasn't last night when I did dishes.  Oh, and my tv, lights, and fans are all on.  Fucking great.  Not only am I wildly inconvenienced, but it will cost me more money because of the electric bill.  Fucking shitty apartment complex and apathetic management.

Of course I start my period today.  Thank goodness Mrs. Mad Scientist had feminine hygiene products for me.

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I think it's gonna be a long week.  First of all, I ended up picking up a few hours at Job#2 on Saturday, which is usually my only day off.  So, all the things I wanted to get done Saturday didn't get done because I was at work.  Then Sunday, I tried to take a shower but there was no hot water.  Yeah.  I wasn't pleased but I was in a hurry as it was, so all I had was a cold hair wash in the sink and a baby wipe bath.  So because of that I felt really out of sorts for the rest of the day.

Now it's Monday and already the week is getting off to a not so promising start.  When I left for work this morning, not only did I forget my cell phone, I also forgot my glasses.  I'm not totally blind without them, but when I'm tired (as I am now) I need them more than usual.  Plus, our office remodel is just about done so we're moving things into their permanent homes, so more moving and chaos at the office.  And I'm supposed to be working and getting other stuff done too.  I feel like everything I try to do gets half done and then abandoned in favor of something else.  Gah.

Tonight I need to do the laundry I didn't get done on Saturday due to work.  Just what I love - doing laundry in a non-air conditioned laundry room with 8 industrial strength clothes fryers, I mean dryers, when it's 105 outside.  But it's gotta get done.  Oh how I wish I had a washer and dryer in my apartment, but that would have affected affordability and probably put me in a worse neighborhood.

I'm just not having the energy to get anything done, even though I have tons of stuff to do at home (dishes, laundry, the usual crap).  Perhaps getting it all done will make me feel better.  But then again, perhaps it can wait while I wallow in the self-pity known as PMS.

Full House

Jul. 7th, 2006 09:22 pm
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In one month I leave on my vacation to go back home and visit everyone.  Today I just got word that my sister will be visiting at the same time I am there.  We both moved away in June of 2003 - me to Vegas and Sis to Florida.  I haven't seen her in 2 years, but that's ok.  Too much time together and we really start not getting along.  So we're both staying at my mom's house - along with Mom's 2 foster kids, Grandma, Uncle Caboose, and probably my sister's kids.  They don't live with Sis.  Bubba lives with our dad, and Messy J lives with her father (the kids have different dads, and Bubba doesn't really want anything to do with his dad, which is why he lives with Papa).  Sis had some problems and the kids spent some time in foster care before being placed elsewhere.  Oh, and Sis is 15 weeks pregnant with Baby #3, who is scheduled to arrive on Christmas.  I wanna wish her the best but with her history and everything that Bubba and Messy J have gone through, it's hard to be happy for this kid.  Anyway, it's gonna be a full house.  I'll have to try and fill up my schedule with visits to friends so I won't have to spend all my time watching Grandma sleep and Uncle Caboose watch boring PBS shows, while Mom is on the computer.  That kills all my entertainment options in the house.  I'm looking forward to going home, but I have a feeling this trip will seriously test my patience.

It's hot in here and I picked up some hours at Job#2 tomorrow, which means I don't get the whole day off.  I think I'll watch some tv and eat some ice cream.

No Title

Jul. 6th, 2006 02:54 pm
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I played around with the layout some more.  I like this one better.  Colors are basically the same, but as you can tell, I like aqua colors.  I also figured out how to customize a few things, so now my blog here shows a bit of personality instead of having boring old titles.
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I watched Amelie last night.  I have so many movies that I couldn't really watch when I had a roommate, because basically she never seemed to get that I was trying to concetrate on what I was watching, so she'd talk to me and just not stop!  Dialogue intense movies or those with subtitles were the worst, since they require the most attention.  Now I can watch them, uninterrupted, without a problem.  

Now I just need a more comfortable chair.  I really like my chair, but it's just not a sit for 2 hours kinda chair.  Eventually I might have it re-upholstered, but it's not in my budget right now.  Check out my chair:

I know it's hard to see, but it also has these really nice carved ball and claw feet in the front.  Some new fabric, new padding, and re-tying the springs will help a lot.  Besides, there's a rip in the arm that you can't see in this picture, and the fabric on the ends of the arms is really thin, but no one sells armrest doilies anymore.

That's enough about my chair.  I'm just so happy I can watch movies again.  I was starting to think I was crazy for actually wanting to concentrate on a movie, but then I moved and realized that I'm not.  At least, not for that reason.
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I've been to concerts before.  I've been to town-sponsored fireworks celebrations.  I've been to autumn fairs in NH that everyone from a 3-state area attends on the same day.  But the traffic last night did not move at all, not in the least.  See, I went over my friend's house to celebrate the 4th.  She had fabulous baby-back ribs - I ate so many that it resulted in some serious discomfort for awhile afterwards.  Then, when it got dark out, we went outside.  Her kids, and some of the neighbor kids, were lighting off fireworks - if you can call them that.  Basically, anything that involves fire, sparks, or explosions is illegal here in Nevada, so the "fireworks" display consisted mostly of colored smoke that was difficult to see in the dark.  The city, however, gets to hire some pyrotechnic professionals to put on a real fireworks display, and The Maid lives very close to one of the many parks where the displays were being set off from.  We had a great seat in her driveway and saw everything, without the crowds or having to fight for some lawn space.  It was a great show, and we could even hear everyone in the park cheering.

When it was over, The Maid was starting to put the kids to bed, since they all had an early day today.  I had to get up for work today, so I wanted to get home too, but with so many people in the park, and parked on every street near the park (including The Maid's), I decided to wait about 1/2 hour or so until the majority of the traffic cleared out.  So, around 9:45, the cars from the street were gone and all sounded quiet, so I said goodbye to The Maid and her kids and headed out.  Man, was that a mistake.  As soon as I rounded the corner, I stopped.  I had no choice.  Traffic was NOT MOVING.  It took me over an hour - OVER AN HOUR - to get out of her neighborhood.  It should have taken all of 30 seconds.  45 if I had to wait at the light.  But no, it took me a total of 1 1/2 hours to get home, a drive that normally takes 20 minutes.  Next year, I'm sleeping over.

Ah, the 4th of July.  An excellent reason for Americans to get drunk and cheer at things being blown up, all the while ignoring basic safety rules and trying not to blow themselves up.  I'm sure a few Darwin Awards were handed out yesterday!
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Blech.  No a/c at the store.  Ok, the lazy repair guy says that technically it's working because of the difference between outside and in.  But it's 105 outside and about 82 in the store.  That's a bit too hot for shopping, and it is affecting our sales.  It's a holiday weekend.  Millions of people came to Vegas to celebrate by losing money left and right, whether in the casinos or in the malls.  And we're working in a sweatbox.  Joy. 

I have to go get ready for my 8 hour shift of sweating.  I don't care what the dress code is - I'm wearing capris, a tank top, and sandals to work. 

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